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Player Information

Name/Alias: Koz
Player Journal: [personal profile] kobblublu
Contact: [ profile] kobblublu
Timezone: Mountain Standard
In-Game/Processing: Battler Ushiromiya

Character Information

Name/Alias: Kiyomasa Senji
Fandom: Deadman Wonderland
Canonpoint: Chapter 41
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Physical Description: Policeman Senji Senji before meeting Ganta After losing his eye After being out of prison

History: Deadman Wonderland Canon
Kiyomasa Senji canon

When Kiyomasa Senji is first introduced he is someone that immediately takes the spotlight. He had initially been seen as a shallow killer and all he wanted was to cut and destroy Ganta Igarashi. He was found deep within the prison, down in G-ward, and his impressive stature had offset Ganta. The younger boy was terrified of him, thinking him to be a mindless murderer. While Senji may have started out that way, he had changed immensely over the course of his friendship with Ganta. After he had been defeated by Ganta, Senji had begun to calm down and a lot of his true colors started to show.

Working out and staying fit is extremely important to the walking muscle-mountain. Staying in prison and fighting others meant having to stay athletic and ready for anything at all times. Most of his days Senji would either be working out in his room, or hit the gym down in G-ward. He has reached a place where he believes his body to be perfection, even claiming he has a definitive harmony with his tendons. Majority of the time when Ganta runs into Senji he is in the midst of a workout. At one point, a guard had handed him a magazine that read 'Masters Monthly', which was a magazine about fighters and working out. Because of his body and his immense desire to fight, Senji is one of the strongest Deadmen in the prison. Besides Mockingbird, Senji is well known as someone that is sure to win a fight no matter what. He is agile, fast, and extremely powerful. Even without using his Branch of Sin Senji's strength is no joke. When Ganta was in the midst of asking Senji for advice, Senji's temper got the better of him during the conversation and he punched a hole right through his punching bag, causing the sand to spill everywhere.

“You kiddin' me? My bones may be broken, but I ain't.... This is Kiyomasa Senji's fight, you stay the hell out of it!”

When Senji is promised a fight he wants nothing more than to finish it and win. Senji finds fighting to be fun and exciting, and cutting into and killing another opponent brings him absolute delight. Since Senji has been in prison for so long he had fought many opponents in the Carnival Corpse, and yet he never lost a fight. He had been fighting and killing other Deadmen for years, and he loved every moment of it. His sadistic nature comes out when he's in the midst of a fight, and usually with a worthy opponent. Senji isn't someone who would go out of his way to find and kill at random, he knows who his enemies are and who are his allies. At the beginning of the series he had found Ganta, since he knew that the younger boy was Woodpecker and was aware that they would soon fight in the Carnival Corpse. Upon being defeated by Ganta he had demanded a rematch someday, but was fine when he realized that day would never come. Ganta had outsmarted him in the fight, but Senji knew that he was still physically stronger than the kid. Often times when Senji feels like he's about to burst from not being able to fight, he'll talk about his “Zuppashi meter”. The term 'zuppashi' is a made up word, and has been translated to many different meanings such as: dead center, bang, on target, and ssslice. While he is a man of action and has sadistic urges, he is also someone that is easy to get along with (if he agrees with someone's ideals) and can be rather playful.

Strength/Agility: Senji has been training and fighting other Deadman in prison for about seven years now. He has become extremely strong physically and mentally due to everything he has gone through. Due to just how many fights he has endured he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to reading another opponent. He is able to see and react to someone before an attack is able to hit. Despite only having one eye, he is still extremely observant when it comes to battling others. Even though he is a massive individual, he is very fast.

Branch of Sin: In the Deadman Wonderland world there is something called a Branch of Sin. Essentially, after the Red Hole incident (an earthquake that had submerged most of Tokyo) there was an outbreak of strange occurrences. The biggest one would be that suddenly certain people had the ability to control their blood if they had sustained a wound. These people were dubbed 'Deadmen' and soon they had been found out by certain people and dragged off to prison whether they were guilty or not. These Deadmen each have original powers, their Branch of Sin is always something different that's suited to that individual.

-Crow Claw: Senji's Branch of Sin is known as Crow Claw, and he uses the rings on his thumbs which contain razors in them in order to slash his forearms to use his ability. From those wounds he's able to turn his blood into giant curved blades. They're very sturdy and razor sharp, able to cut through metal and concrete. He has perfected this ability and has learned how to extend the blades as well. The blades can protrude from any cut located anywhere on his body. He is able to activate his Branch of Sin in under half a second. By making little holes inside of the blade he is able to make it bigger and bigger, eventually reaching outstanding lengths. He has made massive blades before, much bigger than him, but this requires a lot of blood and is very dangerous to do.

-Invisible Black: A variation of his Branch of Sin. Senji is able to focus all of his power into his hand, the wound sustained there would then unleash an epic attack. He's able to bring out a blade that is faster than the speed of sound, it's extremely powerful and he's only able to do this once in a while since it takes so much concentration. It cuts up any enemies in his path, they would be sliced up before the person could even blink.