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While Senji was in Deadman Wonderland he had always been in a certain mindset, that he hated everyone else and that he should only fight for himself. He wanted to get stronger, he wanted to stop being like he used to be. He wanted to be the furthest from that. Senji is always changing, constantly doing something different that he hadn't done before. If Senji stands still in his progress then that right there means he's failed himself. He understood that even when he came to Asgard, and he's continued to try and change himself since coming here.

For a while Senji really hasn't let a lot of people in. He always shut everyone out so he wouldn't get close to them, so he wouldn't rely on them like he used to in the past. No, he never wanted to rely on anyone ever again. In turn he's been wanting to feel like that adult that everyone would go to instead. In Deadman Wonderland he had only experienced that once, in Asgard however.... he has put aside that personality he used to have, that sadistic nature that used to always be there. In Asgard it rarely pops up, it does sometimes when he talks about the old times in Deadman Wonderland, he can't help but smirk and guffaw about it.

When the events of the dragon attack happened, normally he wouldn't have even looked twice at the other people. But after talking with them, after knowing these people a bit more... it was almost hard to turn away. Senji had assisted them the best he could, but he denied that it was for their sake. Deep down it was to help them out, but he still refused to come right out and say that he cared at all. During the events of this he had met someone named Ai Ebihara.

She kept following him around afterwards, and after some claims that he was into men or even into horses since he wasn't your typical pervert that liked tits as much as the next guy- she said she would pretend to be his fake girlfriend. He didn't want to do it in the first place, he thought it was stupid. Like hell he would put a little faith in someone... he hadn't done that for years. He hadn't relied on someone like this in a long time, it felt so foreign to him now. In the end he agreed, and even though it only lasted a while he still put at least a little trust into her.

Senji really isn't the type of person to care about someone unless they've gained respect with him. However, the people he's met at Asgard and the things he's done with them, he's soon learned to let more of these assguardians in. One example being Ange Ushiromiya. He talked with her here and there, but sooner or later he soon found himself becoming close with the girl. There are others that have gained his respect and he feels close, but he doesn't dare say they're friends outloud just yet. That just means that they'll probably die, he always loses people he considers to be friends or even family. In any case, one day Senji had stumbled upon Ange after she had been stabbed, and instead of walking past like he normally would have-... he actually stopped to assist her. He claimed he was just walking by, that he was just doing this so she wouldn't shut up, but deep down somewhere he felt concerned for his friend, he didn't want her to kick the bucket just yet. So working up the courage and pushing that prude nature of his aside he picked her up and carried her to the hospital.

A little while later he did something that he had not done even in canon to the friends that he called Deadmen. No, this was something that takes a huge leap, it was something that he refused to tell anyone. He had heard about Ange's past and just as he was about to leave she had asked him about his past. Senji got ticked from such a question, and he was even more angry that he was even considering telling her. In the end though.... he had explained to her what happened to him before he got tossed in jail. He told her about his friends, about how they died because he was too much of a little punk. He was tossed in jail under false charges and once he was in that prison he got a tattoo above his eye with their initials so he could never forget them. That took a lot of courage for him to tell her, and in the end he did. That was like his own victory.

Ever since then he had talked with more people, opened up to others easier- and hell, he's even been agreeing to training people. The only person he had done that before with was Ganta, but he's training Euri and had some sparring sessions with others that asked him for it. He hasn't actually killed anyone here yet, and that itself is a huge accomplishment.