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Character Name: Kiyomasa Senji (Crow)

Canon: Deadman Wonderland

Canon Point: After the fall of Deadman Wonderland, chapter 41

Background/History: Deadman Wonderland Canon
Kiyomasa Senji canon

Previous Game History: While Senji was in Deadman Wonderland he had always been in a certain mindset, that he hated everyone else and that he should only fight for himself. He wanted to get stronger, he wanted to stop being like he used to be. He wanted to be the furthest from that. Senji is always changing, constantly doing something different that he hadn't done before. If Senji stands still in his progress then that right there means he's failed himself. He understood that even when he came to Asgard, and he's continued to try and change himself since coming here.

For a while Senji really hasn't let a lot of people in. He always shut everyone out so he wouldn't get close to them, so he wouldn't rely on them like he used to in the past. No, he never wanted to rely on anyone ever again. In turn he's been wanting to feel like that adult that everyone would go to instead. In Deadman Wonderland he had only experienced that once, in Asgard however.... he has put aside that personality he used to have, that sadistic nature that used to always be there. In Asgard it rarely pops up, it does sometimes when he talks about the old times in Deadman Wonderland, he can't help but smirk and guffaw about it.

When the events of the dragon attack happened, normally he wouldn't have even looked twice at the other people. But after talking with them, after knowing these people a bit more... it was almost hard to turn away. Senji had assisted them the best he could, but he denied that it was for their sake. Deep down it was to help them out, but he still refused to come right out and say that he cared at all. During the events of this he had met someone named Ai Ebihara.

She kept following him around afterwards, and after some claims that he was into men or even into horses since he wasn't your typical pervert that liked tits as much as the next guy- she said she would pretend to be his fake girlfriend. He didn't want to do it in the first place, he thought it was stupid. Like hell he would put a little faith in someone... he hadn't done that for years. He hadn't relied on someone like this in a long time, it felt so foreign to him now. In the end he agreed, and even though it only lasted a while he still put at least a little trust into her.

Senji really isn't the type of person to care about someone unless they've gained respect with him. However, the people he's met at Asgard and the things he's done with them, he's soon learned to let more of these assguardians in. One example being Ange Ushiromiya. He talked with her here and there, but sooner or later he soon found himself becoming close with the girl. There are others that have gained his respect and he feels close, but he doesn't dare say they're friends outloud just yet. That just means that they'll probably die, he always loses people he considers to be friends or even family. In any case, one day Senji had stumbled upon Ange after she had been stabbed, and instead of walking past like he normally would have-... he actually stopped to assist her. He claimed he was just walking by, that he was just doing this so she wouldn't shut up, but deep down somewhere he felt concerned for his friend, he didn't want her to kick the bucket just yet. So working up the courage and pushing that prude nature of his aside he picked her up and carried her to the hospital.

A little while later he did something that he had not done even in canon to the friends that he called Deadmen. No, this was something that takes a huge leap, it was something that he refused to tell anyone. He had heard about Ange's past and just as he was about to leave she had asked him about his past. Senji got ticked from such a question, and he was even more angry that he was even considering telling her. In the end though.... he had explained to her what happened to him before he got tossed in jail. He told her about his friends, about how they died because he was too much of a little punk. He was tossed in jail under false charges and once he was in that prison he got a tattoo above his eye with their initials so he could never forget them. That took a lot of courage for him to tell her, and in the end he did. That was like his own victory.

Ever since then he had talked with more people, opened up to others easier- and hell, he's even been agreeing to training people. The only person he had done that before with was Ganta, but he's training Euri and had some sparring sessions with others that asked him for it. He hasn't actually killed anyone here yet, and that itself is a huge accomplishment.

Personality: At first, Senji seems like your typical run of the mill crazy criminal. He enjoys violence, even going so far as to attack anyone who gets in the way of his fights. He constantly talks about how much he likes battling, and how fun and entertaining it is to have a proper battle with somebody of equal standing.

He truly does enjoy all of those things, but Senji's personality goes a lot deeper. He himself has an honourable side- which he expects everyone else to respect till the very end. He will not fight someone if they are down, he likes to have them stand up and take hits from him the proper way, kicking someone when they are unable to battle is just not his style. A fair fight means the most to him, and gives him the greatest satisfaction when he is able to beat the person. If the person beats him however, an even deeper appreciation of that person will grow- meaning that the certain someone who beat him will be unable to lose until he can fight and defeat them once more. He would get furious if he finds out someone that beat him was off battling elsewhere, Senji cherishes his fights.

The biggest weakness he probably has, would be the fact that he is a hardcore prude. He would get worked up just talking to women, but when they wear something that's revealing or clinging tightly to their bodies- that's when things get real for him. The very thought of it makes him blush, however when he sees other women in such attire he would either get a nosebleed, pass out, or a combination of the two. In short, Senji would rather all women wear something that covered every inch of their bodies so he would not have to look at their curves. At one point in time he had taken off his own jacket and shoved it at another female, simply because her clothes were too tightly clinging to her body. He mentioned that it was dangerous, obviously meaning that other men would ogle her, or he would be forced to look at her more than he would like to. He watches out for other girls this way, but it also makes it difficult to have female companions since he’s worried about such a thing all the time.

There are a few things that get Senji riled up or shocked. One of them would be when his past is brought up, or mocked. He does not like it when someone talks about what has happened to him so casually, doing so would earn the person a good boot to the face. This would be one of the few times Senji would hold a grudge against someone. The only other time he would not forgive someone- is if they turned into some kind of traitor. Senji is a very trusting individual once he likes the person, he would go out of his way to help them out in any situation. There would have to be some begging involved, but eventually Senji would cave and help the person out the best to his ability. Since he is like this, if someone betrays his trust, he will immediately label them a traitor, thus making his attitude towards them bitter and unpleasant. Such a thing would be evident when it seemed like Ganta had betrayed all the other Deadmen by accidentally attacking them, after he had said that the forgeries needed to be helped. Senji was upset over anyone who would side with the forgeries, since they gave him a mask that mocked his past, so he yelled at Ganta and told him to go away. Afterwards however, he and the other Deadmen went and assisted Ganta, eventually forgiving him.

He truly believes that those who constantly rely on others are children and that they need to learn to grow up and be their own individual. Senji used to be that way when he was a cop, he talked tough since he could use his Branch of Sin, and back then he also had his four best friends to hide behind. Eventually, he came to learn that always relying on them was weak, and that he had to stand up on his own. However, being relied on is something that gives Senji strength to press on and accomplish anything he puts his mind to. Senji acts like a big tough guy, but he does this to protect his soft side, which is the most vulnerable thing about him. He trusts people easily, and can also easily get hurt due to it, but he wouldn’t openly show himself being hurt- no, he would rather bottle up such emotions and keep it all inside.

Senji is a sentimental individual, and this is clear when he brings out a coin at random intervals. Sometimes he’ll take out this coin and flip it, calling heads or tails. It’s a trick coin however, and both sides are tails. This kind of thing tricked Senji back when he was a cop, and his chief did it to him with this item often. After his chief was murdered and slowly died before him, he had taken that coin and have been holding on to it for years.

He also likes to say his own little catchphrase to himself or to other people, but it doesn’t really mean anything. The saying he likes is ‘zuppashi’ and no one really knows what he’s saying, but it can be deciphered as something like a gun, or cutting something up- in the kind of context he uses it in. Dead center, on target, ssslice, bang- there are several different ways of translating ‘zuppashi,’ and another time he says it- would be when he’s overly angry. He mentioned that his “zuppashi gauge maxed out” one time when he went to save Ganta from Hagire. Let it be known that this is merely a made up word, and Senji loves to use it. Even though no one really know what he’s talking about half the time.

Contrary to popular belief, Senji's first name is indeed Kiyomasa. This can be confusing since he seems to have two first names, along with the fact that no one calls him Kiyomasa in canon, but with his name written as 千地 清正 (Senji Kiyomasa) it becomes clear.

Branch of Sin: In the Deadman Wonderland world there is something called a Branch of Sin. Essentially, after the Red Hole incident (an earthquake that had submerged most of Tokyo) there was an outbreak of strange occurrences. The biggest one would be that suddenly certain people had the ability to control their blood if they had sustained a wound. These people were dubbed 'Deadmen' and soon they had been found out by certain people and dragged off to prison whether they were guilty or not. These Deadmen each have original powers, their Branch of Sin is always something different that's suited to that individual.

-Crow Claw: Senji's Branch of Sin is known as Crow Claw, he uses the rings on his thumbs which contain razors in them and he slashes his forearms. From those wounds he's able to turn his blood into giant curved blades. They're very sturdy and razor sharp, he's never hesitated to cut somebody up. He's perfected this ability and he's learned how to extend the blades as well. By making little holes inside of the blade he's able to make it bigger and bigger, eventually reaching outstanding lengths. He has made massive blades before, much bigger than him, but this requires a lot of blood and is very dangerous to do.

-Invisible Black: A variation of his Branch of Sin. Senji is able to focus all of his power into his hand, the wound sustained there would then unleash an epic attack. He's able to bring out a blade that is faster than the speed of sound, it's extremely powerful and he's only able to do this once in a while since it takes so much concentration. It cuts up any enemies in his path, they would be sliced up before the person could even blink.

Sample Entry: Asgard post

Sample Entry Two: Darkness was all around him, blanketing him in a familiar warmth. He stood there, in what would be considered his bird cage, awaiting the start of the next Carnival Corpse. If he was some scrawny first timer like the person standing in the other corner, he would have been shaking as well. Not from the fear, but from the excitement. It had been all too long since he had been standing in this spot, it was almost like nostalgia. His grin never wavered, like a permanent smirk had been painted on his face. This was it- it was a time for one of his fights to begin. No one could get in his way now.

When the lights turned on and each of their respected cages opened, he walked out into the bright lights of the arena. He wanted to laugh at the disappointing looking challenge that was presented before him. He wanted something good to work with, something he could slice up after smacking each other around a bit. This fight looked like it would be over in a few seconds.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Senji had raised his arms up, activated his razor rings on his thumbs and slashed through the skin on his forearms. The blood that came forth swirled and twisted until it formed what could only be described as a blade. Two blades, to be precise. He moved into a crouching position, his fighting stance ready, his adrenaline already pumping through his abnormal blood.

“I'm gonna cut you up dead center! Ya better be ready!”